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Easily incorporate herbs into your daily routine with Sunwink! Our sparkling herbal tonics taste like a sparkling juice but all of the flavor and benefits come from herbs.

Our Turmeric Cleanse drink is our delicious version of the hottest herb trend right now, turmeric. This sparkling herbal tonic uses herbs that are traditionally used to combat inflammation and add antioxidants to the diet. Pair it with intense workouts or drink it if you’re trying to focus on clean eating. Each Turmeric Cleanse bottle contains 1,500mg of herbal extracts, more than six times the amount found in an herbal tea.

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Hop on! People are throwing it around like it's going out of style - turmeric is in lattes, skincare products and even scrambled eggs! So why all the buzz?

This potent anti-inflammatory has traditionally been used to help with inflammation, skin issues and even digestion - three reasons why we love it as much as we do.


We want you to know how much of each herb we're using and why we’ve carefully chosen them for our Turmeric Cleanse sparkling herbal tonic:

TURMERIC EXTRACT (900mg) - This potent orange herb contains a substance called curcumin – which is why this vibrant helps support digestive health and anti-inflammation.

BLACK PEPPER EXTRACT (10mg) - Black pepper has traditionally been paired with turmeric to help the body's absorption of curcumin.

GINGER EXTRACT (300mg) - A warming root traditionally used to help promote good digestion and restore your body for overall wellness. 

CAYENNE EXTRACT (10mg) - Traditionally used as a circulatory stimulant, this spice gives this herbal tonic an extra kick.

SEA BUCKTHORN EXTRACT (140mg) - Historically known as a strong antioxidant, sea buckthorn helps balance out this herbal blend.

ROSEMARY EXTRACT (140mg) - It isn't just good for cooking! It's also historically been used for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.