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sunwink immunity berry goji herb
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Easily incorporate herbs into your daily routine with Sunwink! Our sparkling herbal tonics taste like a sparkling juice but all of the flavor and benefits come from herbs.

Our Immunity Berry is a wonderful way to support your body when you need an extra boost! This sparkling herbal tonic uses herbs that are traditionally used to support the immune system. This blend is a powerhouse when the seasons change or the office filled with one-too-many stuffy noses. Each Immunity Berry bottle contains 1,000mg of herbal extracts, more than four times the amount found in an herbal tea.


Despite their healing properties, herbs can also be consumed daily for prevention. The herbs featured in this blend have traditionally been used for their antiviral and vitamin C-packed properties. It's about preparing your body for when those bugs do come your way!


We want you to know how much of each herb we're using  and why we’ve carefully chosen them for our Immunity Berry sparkling herbal tonic:

ELDERBERRY CONCENTRATE (200mg) - Prized for its antiviral properties, elderberry has traditionally been used when a cold or flu is coming on. In addition to its immune strengthening properties, elderberry has a rich, berry flavor.

GOJI BERRY EXTRACT (500mg) - The Goji berry has traditionally been used by herbalists for its ability to support overall wellness and to help the body adjust to seasonal change.  

HIBISCUS EXTRACT (190mg) - A striking flower that brings vibrancy and floral notes to this blend, hibiscus has traditionally been used for its vitamin C and antioxidant properties.

GINGER EXTRACT (90mg) - A warming root traditionally used to help promote good digestion and restore your body for overall wellness. 

CINNAMON (20mg) - With a spicy and rich flavor, cinnamon is a warming herb that has been traditionally used to help warm the digestive fires and support digestive health..