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Easily incorporate herbs into your daily routine with Sunwink! Our sparkling herbal tonics taste like a sparkling juice but all of the flavor and benefits come from herbs.

Our Lemon-Rose Uplift drink is just the thing when you’re not feeling like the very best version of yourself. This special blend features herbs that are well-known for their cheery disposition and light-hearted nature, so it’s no surprise that this rosy elixir is quickly becoming one of our go-to beverages when we need a lil’ pick me up. Each Lemon-Rose bottle contains 1,060mg of herbal extracts, more than four times the amount found in an herbal tea.

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The Lemon-Rose Uplift blend features herbs traditionally used to lift our spirits, open our hearts and ease our anxiety. We all know about lovely rose, but damiana is the real uplifting powerhouse here. Some herbalists have used this herb as an aphrodisiac, but no matter how you choose to use it, damiana has traditionally been used to make you feel present. So go ahead - take a deep breath and a long sip!


We want you to know how much of each herb we're using and why we’ve carefully chosen them for our Lemon-Rose Uplift sparkling herbal tonic:

DAMIANA EXTRACT (300mg) - This bright yellow flower has historically been used to support digestive health as well as a mood booster (some even use it as an aphrodisiac) given its mental and physical stamina boosting nature.

LEMON BALM EXTRACT (270mg) - A refreshing herb that has traditionally been used to support good mental health. As a carminative, it has also historically been used to promote a peaceful digestive tract after eating.

HIBISCUS EXTRACT (450mg) - A striking flower that brings vibrancy and floral notes to this blend, hibiscus has traditionally been used for its vitamin C and antioxidant properties.

ROSE EXTRACT (40mg) - Rose has been used for centuries in essential oils, perfumes, and as a water enhancer. In addition to bringing its distinctive sweet flavor to this blend, it’s traditionally been used as a mood-booster.