Immune-Boost {Berry}
Immune-Boost {Berry}

Immune-Boost {Berry}

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Immune-Boost {Berry} has notes of goji berry and elderberry blended with a touch of ginger and cinnamon. It's a wonderful way to support your body when you need an extra boost!

  • 12 oz / 354 mL
  • Brewed with 12 grams of herbs: elderberry, goji berry, astragalus, rose hips, hibiscus, ginger, cinnamon
  • 45 calories
  • 6 grams of sugar
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives 



Elderberry: When it comes to immune boosting herbs, there are few as loved and well used as elderberry. Prized for it’s antiviral properties, elderberry is a go to herb for Herbalists when they feel a cold or flu coming on. In addition to its immune strengthening properties, elderberry has a rich, berry flavor and a vibrant purple color, making it a beautiful addition to our immune tonic blend.

Astragalus: Acting both as an adaptogen and an immune tonic, Astragalus has traditionally been used not only to support the immune system, but to help support the nervous system as well. Supporting both the nervous and immune system is an integral part of building the bodies immunity. While Astragalus has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine, it is used by herbalists from many cultures due to its highly valuable properties.

Goji Berry: Angela, the inspiration behind this drink, says that Goji berries were a part of her daily routine growing up. Putting them in water and in the broths of soups, there was always a way to incorporate this gentle and vitality boosting food into her diet. The Goji berry has long been revered as a fruit that improves the quality and length of life, and helps the body adjust to seasonal change.  We loved Angela’s sweet recollection of the berry so much, we decided that it was an undeniable addition to our immune tonic.

Rose Hips: Rich in vitamin C with sweet and floral notes, rose hips make a wonderful addition to our immune blend. Rose hips help not only to enhance the flavor of our tea and add nutrients, but they also serve to bring in the sweet essence of rose. Bringing more rose into our lives engenders a sense of self-love and care.

Hibiscus: A striking flower that brings vibrancy and floral notes into our blend. We love using hibiscus to flavor our teas and to bring beauty into our creations. Bringing beauty into our lives is one of the many important ways we can honor ourselves and brighten our spirits

Ginger Root: A warming root that helps get the digestive fires going! Ginger is soothing to an upset stomach, and helps to dispel the gas and wind that can cause bloating when we digest our foods. Ginger’s pleasant flavor combined with its many healing properties makes it a powerhouse for the digestive and immune systems.

Cinnamon: With a spicy and rich flavor, cinnamon bark adds an earthy and comforting feel to our nourishing immune blend. Cinnamon is a warming herb that helps to heat the body up and keep it warm. Cinnamon is used in many cultures throughout the world, and is one our favorite kitchen/medicine hybrids.