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Listen to your intuition.
Drink Herbs.

Herbal tonics have been crafted and consumed around the world for well over 5000 years. Before cat memes, self-driving cars and missions to mars.

For anything from mood boosts, to digestive help, to calming effects, there’s an herb for it. We created Sunwink to help you give yourself a little love each day by drinking the power of superherbs.

So, why Herbs?

We get this a lot. And we always ask…"why soda" (or should we say processed flavored sugar water)? You shouldn’t have to compromise your daily drinks with brands that don’t put you and our planet first. Herbs are powerful ancient tools that can work with your body and mind in amazing ways.

Plants are the
world’s most ancient

Mother Earth provides some pretty sweet technology, so we don’t want to change it. We strive to bottle the cleanest, rawest and healthiest products. We only use whole plants, fresh lemons and maple syrup. That’s it my friends.

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