Drink Plants with Purpose.

Sparkling Herbal Tonics crafted with powerful herbs for your mind, body and mood.

Listen to your body. Drink Herbs Daily.

Herbal Tonics have been crafted and consumed around the world for well over 5000 years. Long before cat memes, self-driving cars and missions to Mars.

Our Herbal Tonics are crafted with super herbs known to support digestion, immunity, mood boosts, overall wellness and more.

How we make our Herbal Tonics.

Each Sunwink is inspired by a person we know and how they use herbs in their daily life. We then work with a Clinical Herbalist to assure each recipe contains a meaningful amount and composition of herbs.

2% of sales go back to an organization choosen by our muse.

Made Super Clean with Super Herbs.

Earth provides some pretty sweet technology, so we don’t want to change it. We strive to bottle the cleanest, rawest and healthiest products. We only use whole plants, fresh lemons and maple syrup. That’s it my friends.

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