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Pouring Sunwink Lemon-Rose Uplift into glass

Refresh your
daily drink.

Wellness made simple and delicious. Crafted clean with powerful plants for your mind, body and mood. 

Organic Ingredients
4x more herbs than a 2000mg tea bag
Detox Ginger in hand with leaves

Made Super Clean with Super Herbs.

Our sparkling wellness tonics are crafted with super herbs known to support digestion, immunity, and stress relief. We strive to bottle the cleanest, rawest and healthiest products. We only use whole plants, fresh lemons and maple syrup. That’s it my friends.

Our Process & Purpose

Sunwink is inspired by real people and crafted with Clinical Herbalists. We believe in the potential for a more connected world through the power of plants.

Ericka Hart with Hibiscus Mint Unwind

Each Sunwink flavor is inspired by a person we know and how they use herbs in their daily life.

Sunwink Ingredients Illustration

We work with a Clinical Herbalist to assure each recipe contains a meaningful amount of herbs.

Looking through the plants

2% of sales go back to organizations focusing on social impact and human health. Learn more here. 

Our Community Loves Plants

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